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Cornmeal 800 g


Cornmeal porridge also known as hominy or polenta is produced by maize by grain crushing. That is why it retains all the benefit of a maize ear.

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Fine Barley 700 g


Peeled barley TM Zhmenka made from whole grains of barley by crushing. Peeled barley is just a cell in common terms, in terms of fiber content prevails over other cereals, therefore it is the best cereal for cleansing and detoxifying the body.

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Split Peas 900 g


Currently, peas is one of the most widespread bean crops in the world. Peas is raised in more than 60 countries of the world. Among bean crops peas is the greatest source of vegetable proteins which contain the most important for a human body amino acids.

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Wheat Groats 700 g


Wheat groats are selected wheat ground grains. Due to wheat nutritious properties it may become an excellent energy source, therefore, wheat porridge benefit for vegetarians or diet supporters is extremely unspeakable!

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