The Zhmenka trademark is a national Ukrainian brand recognized as an expert in the production of healthy food products based on cereals.

The range of TM “Zhmenka” offers the consumer a wide selection of natural quality products that will provide him with a daily healthy diet.

A variety of products from TM “Zhmenka” is the basis of complete nutrition, which the consumer receives in the most comfortable and appropriate to his lifestyle.

«We believe that our purpose is to create conditions for everyone to be able to be happy, lead an active lifestyle, and at the same time eat tasty and healthy cereal products every day.»

Про ТМ Жменька

TM “Zhmenka” is a modern brand that has the latest production equipment and responds quickly to emerging requests from its customers. The Zhmenka brand offers new types of products that allow the consumer not to limit their needs for a healthy diet due to the fast pace of life and lack of time.

  • Premium varieties of rice and cereals to satisfy any culinary fantasy.
  • Convenient cereals in portion bags for cooking or delicious mixes of cereals with vegetables, which will always come in handy when you need a useful and tasty side dish, but little time to cook it.
  • Crispy rice cakes as a useful alternative to bread, low-calorie dessert or a quick snack.
  • Granola and oatmeal in cups – this is exactly what you need for a full and quick breakfast.
  • Delicious, hearty and healthy lunches in cups that do not need to be cooked – will come in handy in the office or in the country.


All products of TM “Zhmenka” pass quality control at all stages of the production process and are characterized by purity, unique benefits and excellent taste.