Groceries Factory LLC is an expert of the Ukrainian market in the segment of products for healthy food from cereals.

The leading activities of the company are the production of premium rice and cereals, delicious mixes for easy cooking and cereals in boil-in-bags, rice cakes, granola and oatmeal in cups, delicious, hearty and healthy lunches in cups.

Production of products by the company “Groceries Factory” is carried out both under its own brand “Zhmenka” and is actively developing the direction of production of goods under the customer’s own brands – Private label.

Today, for the production of products under Private Label we work with all the leading retail chains in Ukraine, which include: LLC “NOVUS Ukraine” (TM “Novus”), LLC “Fozzy-Food” (TM “Premium”), LLC Auchan UKRAINE (TM “Red Bird), supermarket chain “Rost” (TM “Active Calories”), retail chain “Kopiyka” (TM “Multico”) and others.