Reliability and responsibility, openness and trust, respect and honesty, decency and efficiency, development and innovation – these are the principles of cooperation of LLC “Groceries Factory” with partners to achieve effective and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Own production complex, innovative orientation, wide distribution network, developed logistics system and effective marketing policy are the basis of a successful, reliable and promising partner, which is the company “Groceries Factory”.


  1. The powerful production equipment allows to develop several directions of activity and to let out various products from cereals at the same time.

  2. Modern technological lines ensure the achievement of high productivity.

  3. An exceptional system of multi-stage purification of raw materials is aimed at the production of clean, useful and high quality products.

  4. Own laboratory, which has the certification of the State Metrological Supervision, carries out quality control at all stages of the production process.

The safety of the manufactured products is guaranteed by the implemented in the production of Food Safety Management System according to FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000


  1. The use of the latest production technologies allows to launch fundamentally new products for the Ukrainian consumer on the domestic market.

  2. Adoption of the positive experience of the world’s leading companies contributes to the improvement of production processes, quality control methods, management methods.

  3. Systematic research of tendencies of various markets gives the chance to search and introduction of new products for the maximum satisfaction of needs of consumers.

  4. The use of the latest information technologies opens up additional opportunities for managing all areas of activity.


  1. An extensive distribution network allows you to supply products to all regions of Ukraine and strengthen partnerships with various retail chains.

  2. Working with large international distribution companies allows you to present products on the shelves of foreign stores and in the ethnic cuisine departments of supermarkets in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, Moldova, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates, etc.

  3. The use of optimal distribution models reduces logistics costs and increases the level of customer service.


  1. The presence of a well-established accounting and information system prevents conflict situations: resorting, underdelivery, lack of supporting documents, etc.

  2. The use of modern hardware and software information processing optimizes the delivery time of goods.

  3. The application of an integrated logistics approach ensures the rapid interaction of the main elements of the logistics system, which helps to reduce time and financial costs.

  4. Modern storage facilities and its own fleet guarantee the availability of reserve stocks and optimal redistribution of products in warehouses.


  1. Conducting marketing research provides identification and timely response to the needs of the grocery market of Ukraine.

  2. Regular visits and participation in specialized international exhibitions allows you to keep abreast of global trends in the industry – contributes to the effective dynamic development of the domestic food market.

  3. Systematic audit of marketing activities provides an objective assessment and coordination of the company’s capabilities in accordance with customer needs, competitors’ strategy and other market conditions.

  4. The use of an integrated set of marketing communications informs consumers about the benefits and high quality of products of the company “Groceries Factory”.