Groceries Factory is an expert of the Ukrainian market in the production of products for healthy food from cereals.

Thanks to a well-developed distribution network, Groceries Factory LLC covers more than 80% of the Ukrainian grain market. Working with large international distribution companies allows you to present products on the shelves of international stores and in the ethnic cuisine departments of supermarkets in the United States, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, Moldova, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates.

Powerful production complex, modern technological and packaging lines allow to produce a wide range of products: cereals and rice mixes, oatmeal, side dishes, rice cakes, granola and products for lunch and breakfast.

The company produces useful products under the brand name “Zhmenka” for a daily variety of food – for every taste, for easy consumption in any situation, for children, adolescents, young people and for those who lead an active lifestyle, and needs a healthy diet, but due to the fast pace of life is not ready to spend time cooking such food.


As a propagandist of the idea of healthy eating, the Groceries Factory makes every effort to ensure that all products presented under the Zhmenka brand contain only natural ingredients, retain the maximum amount of nutrients, and reflect the highest quality standards, paying special attention to its safety and usefulness. for each consumer.

All production is carried out in accordance with modern careful technologies under the constant control of its own laboratory and relevant government agencies.


«We believe that our purpose is to create conditions for everyone to be able to be happy, lead an active lifestyle, and at the same time eat tasty and healthy cereal products every day.»


Uncompromising quality of products and versatility of the range is the result of fruitful work of consumers, employees and partners, which are the main value of the company “Grocery Factory”.




Our consumers are our highest and most important value



Every employee is the most valuable asset regardless of his position



Honesty, responsibility and control – the relationship with us


Our consumers are our main value. The future and success of the company depends on the maximum satisfaction of consumer needs for healthy and wholesome food, showing interest in their needs, exceeding their expectations. Therefore, the products of TM “Zhmenka” are various, useful and tasty products for a healthy lifestyle!

«We firmly adhere to the principles of accessibility, safety and usefulness of our products and are supporters and advocates of a healthy lifestyle and a new culture of nutrition.»


Every employee is our most valuable asset, regardless of position.

  • we create conditions for growth, professionalism, initiative, independence and responsibility of people, increase of their well-being
  • we declare the right to make a mistake that promotes the initiative and creativity of staff
  • we welcome cooperation and mutual assistance, we take care of the company’s traditions
  • we value honesty and decency, kindness and respect for each individual
  • we share the common values of the company and strive to achieve common goals
  • we profess openness in communication between managers and subordinates
  • we maintain a healthy team spirit in the team.


  • we always fulfill our obligations, develop stable relations with our partners and adhere to the rules of fair competition
  • we stand for a culture of relationships with partners and the creation of strategic alliances with them
  • we create a civilized product and form a civilized market
  • we believe in a long-term relationship and know that to achieve this goal, we must act as a reliable partner, always ready to provide support
  • our partners can be sure that we create and offer the best products under the Zhmenka brand
  • we are constantly improving in order to be a benchmark in our line of business

That’s why your choice in favor of the Groceries Factory is a smart choice for the long term!