The modern powerful production complex of the company “Groceries Factory” is directed on production of pure, useful and high-quality production of the Zhmenka trademark. The latest modern production allows you to simultaneously develop several areas of activity and achieve high efficiency.

Production facilities include:

  • Unit for cleaning and sorting of raw materials
  • Packing unit
  • Rice cakes production capacity (rice, buckwheat, bulgur, corn, etc.)
  • Granola and simple dishes (garnishes) production facilities
  • Oatmeal production capacity in cups
  • Lunch production capacity in cups

All products of TM “Zhmenka” pass quality control at all stages of the production process and are characterized by purity, unique benefits and amazing taste.

Multistage purification of raw materials

Multi-stage purification of raw materials ensures the absence of dirt, metal impurities. This exceptional system of multi-stage purification of raw materials is aimed at the production of clean, useful and high quality products.

Own laboratory

Quality control of raw materials and products produced at the enterprise is carried out by its own laboratory. It is equipped with all necessary modern equipment and devices for testing for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Modern warehouses

Modern warehouses meet all storage conditions, allow you to have a significant stock of finished products and store them in accordance with the required standards.