Super Basmati Rice 1000 g/500 g

Super Basmati Rice 1000 g/500 g

рис басматиSuper Basmati Rice is an aromatic sort of long-grain rice. It is grown only in one place on Earth — the Northern India at the foot of the Himalayas.

Due to special climate conditions irreproducible in any other place on Earth: delicate sun, the Himalayas fertile soil and thawed snow crystal-clear water make Super Basmati rice have special properties.

If once you have tasted Super Basmati rice you’ll never forget it.

Unique natural fragrance
TM Zhmenka Super Basmati Rice possesses a natural unique fragrance that has the sun, dry wood and flower aroma.

Unlike ordinary rice sorts, long and thin Super Basmati rice grains natural fragrance makes them delicious and dainty.

Grain Double Lengthening

Fine thin TM Zhmenka Super Basmati Rice grains get double lengthened after cooking, but they do not get wider!

Snow-White Crumbly Rice Grains After Cooking

Long and fine TM Zhmenka Super Basmati Rice grains always turn out snow-white, crumbly and whole after cooking. Therefore, this rice sort is ideal for different pilaf types and garnishes.


TM Zhmenka Super Basmati Rice — The Best Basmati Sort

TM Zhmenka Super Basmati Rice is the best Basmati sort for 1) it has the longest grains (7.5 mm in length), 2) being boiled it gets longer retaining its width, and 3) it has a natural unique fragrance.

Be attentive when you choose Basmati rice since other trademarks Basmati rice may not have such properties if it is grown in other climate conditions and is named Basmati Fake or Just Basmati.

Maximum useful elements retained in TM Zhmenka Basmati Rice

Careful basmati rice production technology allows of retaining all the benefit of Basmati, namely, lots of useful elements:

  • 14% of proteins
  • 5% of vitamin B9
  • 11% of phosphorus

GMO free

TM Zhmenka basmati rice is grown without applying GMO elements.

Each-stage production quality control
TM Zhmenka’s own production provides with the quality control at the every basmati rice production stage.
Product safety is guaranteed by the FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 food safety management system implemented in the production

The natural complex of nutritious elements is retained in TM Zhmenka basmati rice:

Nutrition facts and calories for 100 g of basmati rice:
For 100gFor 100 g
Calories322 кcal16,1 %
(Energy Value)
16,1 %
Proteins7,1 g14,2 %
Fats0,2 g0,3 %
Carbohydrates71,2 g26,4 %
Dietary fiber1,4 g5,6 %
Natural content of vitamins and mineral elements in basmati rice:
For 100g
% of RDN**
В10,09 mg6,4 %
В310,5 mg5.2 %
РР0,82 mg4,6 %
Magnesium9,5 mg3,1 %
Phosphorus85,5 mg10,7 %
Iron0,6 mg4,4 %
Zinc1,7 mg11,2 %


* GDA — approximate measure of the recommended nutritious elements daily norm of 2000 kcal diet per one adult.
** Recommended Daily Norn according to the EU Directive 90/496/EEC.

Due to its natural fragrance and unique snow-white grains Super Basmati Rice is a self-sufficient sort of rice. Therefore, it is very good for garnish and rice porridge cooking. Besides, Super Basmati Rice combines perfectly with vegetables, meat and various spiceries that is why it is a very good base for pilaf and rice with vegetables cooking.

To cook TM Zhmenka basmati rice you need:

To pour rice into boiling water by proportion 1:2
To make it boil and salt to taste
To boil on small fire under a lid for 15-20 min