Brown Rice 4*50 g

Unpolished rice in boil-in-bags 4*50 g

Unpolished rice – often called brown rice, thanks to processing technology, it retains a nutritious bran shell, which explains its unusual light brown color.

Unpolished rice contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. Nutritionists and doctors recommend unpolished rice to those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Unpolished rice TM “Zhmenka” does not need to be sorted and washed
Easy to measure the required amount of rice – 1 sachet 2 servings
No need to measure the required amount of water
No need to monitor the readiness of rice – it is ready as soon as it takes up the entire volume of the bag
Unpolished rice does not stick and does not stick to the walls of the pan, so washing dishes is always easy and simple
Unpolished rice TM “Zhmenka” is always tasty and crumbly


Unpolished rice in boil-in-bags ТМ “Zhmenka” is presented in the packaging of the 4 bags of 50 g

Unpolished rice TM “Zhmenka” contains a record amount of nutrients. Due to the presence of bran shell, unpolished rice retains several times more nutrients than ordinary polished rice: 6 times more vitamin B1, 4 times more vitamin PP, 2 times more magnesium, zinc and phosphorus, 12 (!) Times more fiber!
Brown unpolished rice has a light nutty flavor.
Unpolished rice is always crumbly and whole. Although unpolished rice is cooked a little longer than ordinary types of rice – 30-40 minutes, it always remains crumbly, and the grain retains its shape and acquires a delicate texture.

Unpolished rice TM “Zhmenka” grown without the use of genetically modified organisms.

Quality control at all stages of production
Own production provides quality control at every stage of production.

Safety is guaranteed by the FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 food safety management system implemented in the production

In unpolished rice TM Zhmenka preserved natural complex of nutrients, it is one of the most useful types of rice

Nutritional (energy) value, calorie content, natural content of vitamins and minerals per 100 g of unpolished rice:

IndicatorReference Table Value% from RRI* per 100 g
Protein, g7,715,4
Fats, g2,33,3
Carbohydrates, g7828,9
Fiber, g0,62,4
IndicatorReference Table Value% from RRI* according to Directive 90/496
В1, mg0,3424,3
В9, mg5,32,7
РР, mg5,3329,6
Magnesium, mg103,134,4
Phosphorus, mg263,833,0
Zinc, mg1,912,7
Ferrum, mg1,17,9
Energy value28514,3


* Recommended Reference Intakes for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal) (according to the requirements of EU Regulation No. 1169/11).

Unpolished brown rice is suitable for cooking cereals, side dishes, dishes with vegetables or desserts, dishes during diets.

It is very easy, simple and quick to prepare unpolished rice in boil-in-bags of TM Zhmenka.

Pour 1 liter of water into the pan. Boil. Dip a bag of unpolished rice TM “Zhmenka” into it.
Salt and cook over low heat without a lid for 35-40 minutes.
Pull out a bag of buckwheat by prying it with a fork in the loop. Allow water to drain.
Open the bag by tearing it along a special line.
Put ready unpolished rice on a plate and season to taste.