Rice Cakes With Dark Chocolate 100 g

Rice cakes with dark chocolate 60 g

Rice cake in dark chocolate TM “Zhmenka” – this is a sweet snack – a delicious dessert and healthy snack.

Sweet crispу rice cakes with dark chocolate are made from unpolished rice, which contains a large amount of healthy fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Crispy rice cakes go well with the refined and delicate taste of dark chocolate.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Egg Free
  • Peanuts Free
  • No Palm Oil

The calorie content of the bread is only 63 kcal in one Dark Chocolate TM Zhmenka rice cake!

хлопьяGluten free.
хлопьяSource of whole grains. Made according to the gentle technology of “grain explosion”, the explosion period is 1.7 seconds, which allows you to save healthy fiber of whole grains, vitamins and minerals.
хлопьяFor vegetarians
хлопьяPacked 4 servings
It’s easy to control the amount of calories consumed – only 62 kcal in one rice cake!
хлопьяTo moisturize the grain and produce “fluffy” rice bread, only pure distilled water is used.
хлопьяTight sealed packaging with a “pearl” lamination allows you to maintain a crispy texture and delicate aroma throughout the shelf life of the bread
Product safety is guaranteed by the FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 food safety management system implemented in the production

In the rice cakes TM “Zhmenka” the natural complex of nutrients is preserved:

Nutritional value of the product of Rice Cakes in Dark Chocolate TM “Zhmenka”:

Per 100 g

% from RRI*







of which saturated fats






of which sugar



Natural salt content



Calories (Energy Value)

423 kcal/ 1771 kJ


* Recommended Reference Intakes for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal) (according to the requirements of EU Regulation No. 1169/11).

Ingredients: TM Zhmenka rice cakes in dark chocolate: unpolished rice, black confectionery glaze (white crystalline sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder, soybean lycetine emulsifier, flavorings: “cocoa”, identical to natural vanilla, salt).

Production of rice cake TM “Zhmenka”:

Rice cakes ТМ “Zhmenka” are produced by the method of “grain explosion” from whole grain unpolished rice!

хлопьяRice groats are pre-treated using a three-stage system of post-treatment of raw materials
хлопьяThe grain is moistened, placed in a matrix plate with cylindrical forms, where high pressure is created (both in the air layers of the matrix and inside the grains).
хлопьяWhen the pressure reaches the required level, the mold cover opens automatically, the pressure in the matrix instantly drops, but high pressure is maintained in the grain. Due to the created pressure difference inside the grain and in the environment, air under high pressure in the pores of the grain explodes it. The grain grows 4-6 times, acquiring a soft, lush, cotton-like structure.
хлопьяReady rice cakes are dried, cooled and packaged in airtight packaging.
хлопьяIt is poured with ready-made dark chocolate, dried again and packaged in hermetic packaging.

The time of the “explosion of grain” – 1.7 seconds. The rice cakes of TM Zhmenka do not contain additives, and this or that taste is achieved only by combining grains of various cereals.


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