Rice Cakes

Rice cakes

TM Zhmenka light and crispy Rice Cakes are produced of unground rice by the careful technology of “a grain explosion” in a 1.7 sec period. Due to a short period of rice treatment, cakes retain useful whole-grain groats cellulose, vitamins and mineral elements (B1, B9, PP, Mg, P, Zn, and Fe).

TM Zhmenka Rice Cakes are a healthy alternative to ordinary bread!

Each rice loaf contains only 28 kcal (5 times less than a slice of bread does)!

TM Zhmenka Rice Cakes Contain:

CelluloseB group Vitamins (B1, B9 and PP)Micro and macro Elements
  • Inhibits assimilability of fats and carbohydrates.
  • Takes out waste products and toxins from an organism.
  • Provides a quick satiation without superfluous calories
  • Favours an arrangement of metabolism and retention of an optimal weight.
  • Increase metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.
  • Provide healthy skin, nails and hair.
  • Mg – magnesium keeps up the cardiovascular system healthy
  • Zn – provides the acid-base homeostasis in an organism.
  • P – phosphorus gives energy and strength to an organism.
  • Fe – iron regulates the immunity system work.


TM Zhmenka Rice Cakes are:

хлопьяLight, fragrant and crispy;

хлопьяPerfectly combined with cheese, pâtés, greens, vegetables, fruit and berries;

хлопьяAn excellent base to have breakfast or a snack.

Rice Cakes are ideal for:

Those who adhere to the principles of a healthy and balanced diet.

Those who want to be fit.