Wheat Groats 700 g

Wheat Groats 700 g

Wheat groats are selected wheat ground grains. Due to wheat nutritious properties it may become an excellent energy source; therefore, wheat porridge benefit for vegetarians or diet supporters is extremely unspeakable!

Wheat grains are an indispensable source of iron that takes part in muscle activities, the processes of blood formation and the intracellular exchange. They contain such minerals as phosphorous, silver, zinc, zirconium, iron and others as well as beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B2 and PP, proteins, vegetable fats and starches etc.

Wheat groats are especially good in autumn-winter period for they favour strengthening immunity. Wheat porridge differs by its high choline content (choline is a matter that regulates fat exchange in a body).

Cooked wheat grains are always crumbly

Each TM Zhmenka wheat grain has an even edge cut (glassiness more than 95%) and it has no shorts (white dust sticking wheat grains). Therefore, cooked wheat grains are always crumbly.
Even wheat grains cooking

Identical grain size provides a quick and even wheat grains cooking.
Hard sorts wheat

TM Zhmenka wheat groats produced of hard wheat sorts have high protein content and low starch (carbohydrates) content as compared with soft wheat sorts. Hard sorts wheat is easy to distinguish. It has golden bright natural colour.
Selected wheat taste and fragrance

Wheat porridge cooked of TM Zhmenka wheat groats has got a natural wheat fragrance due to special wheat sorts and careful production technology.

TM Zhmenka wheat groats contain maximum nutritious elements

Due to careful production technology TM Zhmenka wheat groats contain maximum nutritious elements:
  • 21% of vitamin В1
  • 31% of iron
  • 33% of phosphorus
GMO Free

Wheat grains are raised without using genetically modified organisms.

Each-stage production quality control

TM Zhmenka’s own production provides with the quality control at the every wheat groats production stage.
Product safety is guaranteed by the FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 food safety management system implemented in the production
The natural complex of nutritious elements is retained in TM Zhmenka wheat groats:
Nutrition facts and calories for 100 g of wheat groats:
For 100 g
% of GDA*
Calories316 кcal15,8 %
(Energy Value)(1322 кJ)
15,8 %
Proteins11,5 g21,4 %
Fats1,3 g1,9 %
Carbohydrates63,1 g23,4 %
Dietary fiber0,7 g2,8 %


Natural content of vitamins and mineral elements in wheat groats:
For 100g% of RDN**
В10,14 mg21,4 %
В20,17 mg6,3 %
РР23,0 mkg7,8 %
Phosphorus261,0 mg32,6 %
Iron4,4 mg31,4 %


* GDA — approximate measure of the recommended nutritious elements daily norm of 2000 kcal diet per one adult.
** Recommended Daily Norn according to the EU Directive 90/496/EEC.

To cook TM Zhmenka wheat groats you need:

One wheat groats measure to be washed well with water
To add three measures of water
To salt to taste
To cook on small fire for 15-20 min until water boils-off