Semolina 900 g

Semolina 900 g

Крупа маннаяSemolina is crushed grains of selected wheat. Semolina contains minimum fats and cellulose. So this is the only groats which is digested in the lower intestine and is quick-digestible.

Semolina as almost all the groats (except rice, maize and buckwheat) contains a lot of gluten. Besides gluten, semolina contains lots of phytin which helps to avoid the surplus of mineral elements in red blood cells, ligaments and other body parts and may prevent from large intestine cancer lowering oxidising stress in the intestinal tract.

Made of hard and soft sorts mixtures

TM Zhmenka semolina is produced exceptionally of hard and soft mixtures of wheat sorts and due to this cream of wheat has typical small grains and viscid velvety base.
Highest Quality Wheat with Minimum Ash Content Is Used

Semolina produced of the highest first class wheat grains is thoroughly sifted and crushed; therefore, it does not contain inclusions of unground wheat husks (ash content less than 0.5g by 100g of semolina). So semolina small grains have semitransparent milky colour, and cream of wheat is so appetizing and has a homogeneous structure.
Maximum useful elements retained in TM Zhmenka semolina

Careful semolina production technology allows of retaining all the benefit of semolina, namely, lots of useful elements:
  • 21% of protein
  • 26% of vitamin E
  • 11% of phosphorus
GMO free

TM Zhmenka semolina is grown without applying GMO elements.
Each-stage production quality control

TM Zhmenka’s own production provides with the quality control at the every semolina production stage.
Product safety is guaranteed by the FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 food safety management system implemented in the production


The natural complex of nutritious elements is retained in TM Zhmenka semolina:

Nutrition facts and calories for 100g of semolina:
MeasuresFor 100g
% of GDA*
Calories328 kcal16,4 %
(Energy Value)(1372 kJ)
16,4 %
Proteins10,3 g20,4 %
Fats1,0 g1,4 %
Carbohydrates67,7 g25,1 %
Dietary fiber0,2 g0,8 %


Natural content of vitamins and mineral elements in buckwheat:
For 100g
% of RDN**
В10,14 mg10,0 %
В60,17 mg8,5 %
В923,0 mkg11,5 %
Е2,55 mg25,5 %
Calcium20,0 mg2,5 %
Magnesium18,0 mg6,0 %
Phosphorus8,5 mg10,6 %
Iron1,0 mg7,1 %


* GDA — approximate measure of the recommended nutritious elements daily norm of 2000 kcal diet per one adult.
** Recommended Daily Norn according to the EU Directive 90/496/EEC.

To cook TM Zhmenka cream of wheat you need:

To boil 4 glasses of milk
To add sugar and salt to taste
To pour 0,5 of a glass of cream of wheat by a trickle continually stirring
To cook it on small fire for 2-5 min until prepared.