Polenta 450 g

Polenta 450 g

полентаPolenta TM “Zhmenka” is crushed grains of selected corn and the dish of the same name of Italian cuisine. The dish is especially popular in Italy, where the polenta is traditionally baked with cheese and butter until a delicious crust is formed and served with various sauces.

Thanks to selective corn and minimal grain processing, useful fiber of whole grains, vitamins and minerals (E, P, Fe) are preserved in polenta TM “Zhmenka”. Polenta is an excellent product for a healthy diet. Thanks to its delicate texture and neutral aroma, it can be served as:

  • excellent garnish for meat
  • separate dish with various additives
  • cook puddings, porridge, pastries
  • use for breakfast or dessert

Only benign corn grains

For the production of polenta, only selected whole grains of corn are used.

Perfect grinding

For quick and uniform preparation of polenta, “fine grinding” of corn grains is used

It is quick to cook – 3-5 minutes

Preliminary cleansing of corn stalks from the stalks and fine grinding, provide a record fast preparation of polenta dishes.

In polenta TM “Zhmenka” the maximum of useful substances is kept Thanks to modern production technologies, the polenta TM “Zhmenka” retained a maximum of useful substances:

  • 3% ferrum
  • 23% Vitamin E
  • 16% phosphorus


Polenta is made from corn grain without the use of genetically modified organisms.

Quality control at all stages of production

Own production provides quality control at every stage of production.

Safety is guaranteed by the FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 food safety management system implemented in the production

In the polenta TM “Zhmenka” the natural complex of nutrients has been preserved:

Nutritional (energy) value and calorie content per 100 g of polenta:

Per 100 g
% from GDA
Calories337 kcal16,9 %
Energy value1411 kJ
16,9 %
Protein8,3 g46,0 %
Fats1,2 g2,3 %
Carbohydrates71,6 g18,8 %

Natural content of vitamins and minerals in polenta:

IndicatorPer 100 g% from RRI*
Vitamin E2,70 mg22,5 %
Phosphorus109,0 mg15,6 %
Ferrum2,7 mg19,3 %


* GDA – estimated value of the recommended daily intake of nutrients of an adult with a diet of 2000 kilocalories

* Recommended Reference Intakes norm according to EU Directive 90/496 / EEC.

Given the speed and ease of preparation of polenta, it can be used as a side dish for meat, poultry, prepare desserts and snacks, casseroles and puddings and also used as the basis for pizza.

Pour water into a thick pan and bring it to a boil.
Gradually pour TM Zhmenka polenta into the pan, constantly stirring with a wooden spatula so that no lumps form.
Cook on low heat until cooked for 3-5 minutes. ATTENTION! if the polenta is separated from the bottom and walls of the pan and a crust forms, it is ready.
Add grated cheese, butter and spices to the polenta.
Put the polenta into the mold with a layer up to 2.5 cm thick, flatten and leave for 1 hour. Cut the polenta into pieces of any size.