Fine Barley 700 g

Peeled barley 700 g

ЯчкаPeeled barley TM Zhmenka made from whole grains of barley by crushing. Peeled barley is just a cell in common terms, in terms of fiber content prevails over other cereals, therefore it is the best cereal for cleansing and detoxifying the body.

Peeled barley porridge contains 20% of the daily intake of vegetable protein. In addition, due to the record fiber content, barley porridge is more slowly absorbed by the body and helps to cleanse the body, which is why nutritionists recommend a cell for overweight people, as well as for bowel disease.

Optimum ratio of fiber to cereal

In peeled barley of TM “Zhmenka” the optimal amount of fiber is contained, which allows you to cook tender porridge without hard inclusions (without large particles of barley bran), but at the same time useful.

Peeled barley TM “Zhmenka” after cooking always remains crumbly

Due to the maximum uniform particle size of peeled barley, the barley porridge is evenly boiled, and the porridge is tender and crumbly.

The absence of impurities.

The use of selected peeled barley provides high-quality cereals without debris and impurities, respectively, there is no need for sorting it.

In peeled barley groats TM “Zhmenka” the maximum of nutrients is preserved

Thanks to the selected peeled barley grains and the gentle technology for their crushing, the maximum of useful substances is preserved in the cell of TM Zhmenka:

  • 27% Vitamin B6
  • 15% Vitamin PP
  • 43% phosphorus

Barley for the production of peeled barley grown without the use of genetically modified organisms.

Quality control at all stages of production

Own production provides quality control at every stage of production. Safety is guaranteed by the FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000 food safety management system implemented in the production


In the peeled barley of TM “Zhmenka” the natural complex of nutrients has been preserved:

Nutritional (energy) value and calorie content per 100 g of barley groats:

Per 100 g% from GDA
Calories324 ккал16,2 %
Energy value(1356 кДж)
16,2 %
Protein10,0 г20,0 %
Fats1,3 г1,9 %
Carbohydrates66,3 г24,6 %
Fiber1,4 г5,6 %

Natural content of vitamins and minerals in peeled barley groats:

Per 100 g% from RRI*
В10,27 мг19,3 %
В60,54 мг27,0 %
В932,0 мг16,0%
РР2,74 мкг15,2 %
Calcium80,0 мг10,0 %
Magnesium50,0 мг16,7 %
Phosphorus343,0 мг42,9 %
Ferrum1,8 мг12,9 %
Zinc1,1 мг7,3 %


* GDA – estimated value of the recommended daily intake of nutrients of an adult with a diet of 2000 kilocalories

* Recommended Reference Intakes norm according to EU Directive 90/496 / EEC.

Peeled barley is good for both adults and children since it has a beneficial effect on digestion and goes well with various foods.

rinse one measure of barley groats TM “Zhmenka” with water
add three measures of water, bring to a boil
salt to taste
boil barley porridge over low heat for 15-20 minutes until cooked