TM Zhmenka has got its own groats production, therefore, all the groats presented by the given trademark have a set of advantages:

Special Raw Materials Selection Approach for TM Zhmenka Groats Production:

  • focus on selected groats sorts
  • company’s high quality standards compliance
Up-to-date Groats Production Technology Use:

  • natural vitamins and mineral elements retention
  • obtaining tasty and aromatic TM Zhmenka groats
TM Zhmenka groats production raw materials post-treatment:

  • Bolting
  • Sorting
  • Air stream cleaning
Up-to-date technology allows of retaining maximum nutritious elements of grains in groats products: vitamins, micro and major mineral elements.
The products do not contain GMO elements, pesticides, the remains of agrochemicals and other harmful matters. All that is confirmed by necessary sanitary conclusions.
TM Zhmenka products are audited for a multilevel quality control at all production stages.
 TM Zhmenka rice packing is provided with unique advantages allowing of simplifying a dish cooking.