Rice Cakes

Rice Cakes

TM Zhmenka rice cakes are light and crispy cakes made of only brown rice. Due to minimal processing unground rice retains healthy cellulose, vitamins and mineral elements.

The production process rice cake consists of 6 steps

1. Applying the three-stage raw material post-treatment system, brown rice is post-treated preliminarily.

2. Grains are moistened. To moisten grains and obtain “fluffy” rice cake, only the purest distilled water is used.

3. Grains placed in the cylinder-shaped mould plate where high pressure is produced both in the mould air layers and inside the grains.
4. The pressure getting the required level, a mould plate lid opens automatically with the pressure decreasing instantly. But inside the grains high pressure is being retained. By the generating pressure difference inside the grains and in the medium, the air being high-pressured in the grains pores explodes them.
Rice loaves being produced by the careful technology of “grain explosion” (explosion period 1.7 sec) it allows of retaining cereals cellulose, vitamins and mineral elements.
5. The grains get larger in 4-6 times acquiring a soft, puffy and cotton-like structure.
6. The produced cakes get dried up, cold and packaged in airtight packing. A dense airtight packaging with pearl lamination allows of retaining a crispy texture and a delicate fragrance over rice bread shelf life.

TM Zhmenka rice bread do not contain any food additives. To obtain different rice cakes tastes we just apply the combination of various groats.