Groats and Rice

Groats and Rice

TM Zhmenka’s own groats and rice production includes the following stages which provide constant high quality of the products packaged by TM Zhmenka 

  • Stage 1. High Quality Grains Growth

    Long-term work with reliable and dependable suppliers provides the purchase of the selected groats grown to order of TM Zhmenka.

  • Stage 2. Weeds Refinement

    All the groats used for TM Zhmenka grocery are refined of weeds, organic rubbish (pebbles, mud etc) by air-latticed and winnowing machines.

  • Stage 3. Grains Sorting and Calibrating

    To obtain identically selected, calibrated grains and the highest quality groats, cereals are divided into groups by grain sizes.

  • Stage 4. Careful Groats Grinding Technology

    To obtain not only tasty but healthy TM Zhmenka groats such processes as peeling, crushing and grinding of grains are applied due to the up-to-date technology to retain maximum healthy components: vitamins, micro and macroelements.

  • Stage 5. TM Zhmenka Additional Post-Treatment

    Suction cleaning machines provide air refining of ready-made TM Zhmenka groats peeling them and cleaning of shorts and dust.

  • Stage 6. Metal Admixture Refinement

    Metallomagnetic filters allow of refining ready-made groats of possible metallomagnetic admixtures (metallomagnetic admixtures also including metal particles of a machine’s rubbing parts which may get into grains in groats harvesting and producing).

  • Stage 7. Ready-Made Products Quality Control

    Before being packaged TM Zhmenka groats are audited for a final quality control (there is also a stage-by-stage production quality control) to ascertain cereals correspondence to all norms and standards (State Standard, State Standards of Ukraine, and Specification) including organoleptic property measures (taste, colour, smell…).

  • Stage 8. Regular Customers Feedback

    To regularly improve products and support an uncompromising TM Zhmenka groats quality we are always open to our customers, partners and competitors!