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About Us

TM Zhmenka is the national Ukrainian brand which offers products for healthy diet. TM Zhmenka offers various kinds of cereals and rice, organic products, rice and wholegrain macaroni, wholegrain flour and rice cakes. TM Zhmenka products are a depository for a person to have essential and healthy nutrients. The products are characterised by high concentration of vitamins, micro and microelements, indispensable amino acids, fiber and proteins… Read more >>>

Products advantages

TM Zhmenka products have considerable distinctions from the average products. Each line of cereals and rice has its own unique peculiarities and properties. TM Zhmenka products are offered in a brand revolutionary new packing which not only singles out on a shop shelf and provides each customer with necessary information but also makes the process of cooking simple, easy and pleasant. The whole range of TM Zhmenka products… Read more >>>

Production Catalogue ТМ Zhmenka